As easy as it seems

by Ms.Holmes

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released March 11, 2011

Written and produced by Athena Holmes.
Recorded at Infiniti Studios Victoria B.C.
Engineering by Jason Cook.
Mixing by Kevin Komoda and Athena Holmes.
Mastering by Andrew Heermans at Polywog Recording, NYC.
Art work by Annie Banks.
Athena Holmes music © 2011 all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Ms.Holmes Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: Don't fool yourself
Dootun do da dum
dootn do dot do da do da
Don’t fool yourself!

It’s just another day get on the track again
when you feel like you’re not good enough
to get where you should be, look inside and see
Oh, how they make us feel afraid
so everybody shaves off any part of themselves
that ever counted for something
Oh youre cookie cutter thin

Dootun do da dum
dootn do dot do da do da
Don’t fool yourself!

What kind of joke is this?
Her body’s caving in and we’re suppose to believe
This is the way beauty behaves
Its just another way they tell us what to say
When you're consumed by thoughts
that wont ever get you further in this life
It only makes you desperately try

Well, at least he would tell you the truth now

She could be blown over by the wind little gust of
Blown a gust of wind sinking into this skin
sick what does this taste like?
It’s just a lie tastes like a lie smells like a lie
I think it must be, must be
another way you wanna tell me how to live my life
Well baby, think twice

Starring back at you
Your reflection comes through in a distorted way
You gotta love yourself
because 'aint no one else gonna change your ways
You’ve got to do it, do it, do it yourself today
if you wanna make change
If you wanna make, if you wanna make

Dootun do da dum dootn
do dot do da do da
Don’t fool yourself
You'll never fool yourself!
Track Name: Somethin' special
What can I say ? I feel so let down
and I am disenchanted with the words you said
What can we do? I never stood a chance
When I first read your letter I began to cry

You know we’ve got somethin’ special
that doesn’t happen every day
You know we’ve got worlds to conquer
Please don't you let it slip away

I feel so low and I don’t know what to do about it
I wonder if your heart will open up my way
And are you lonely up there lookin’ down upon us?
Is there something else you’d like to say?

You know we’ve built somethin’ together
that doesn’t happen every day
You know we’ve got miles to travel
Please don't you let it slip away

Next time, don’t you put me down
we wont let you down the same
This time we can figure out
we can do without the pain

Now that some time has passed I feel differently
and I must say that I am wary of your ways
Asking questions like, “Is this a glimpse of all of the hardships we’ll have to face?”

You know we’ve got somethin’ special
that doesn’t happen everyday
Please don’t give up on each other
Why does it have to slip away, slip away, slip away?
Track Name: Maskerade
Its cloudy and cold outside
My feelings are washing over me
Life is just a maskerade
I cant tell this mask from my face

Still the sun can be seen through the clouds
And I still have these dreams
Feeling older than ever before
Don’t know when to stop and when for more

Rules and regulations
Fools and temptation
Wasting away
Will we change or will we stay the same?

Paint my face again
I do it, I do it in a natural way
All the world is just a stage
Cant tell this dressing room from a cage